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Nearly 9 million U.S. households shopped online generating $7.8 billion in revenues, and this number is expected to grow to $108 billion by 2003 according to Forrester Research. will design an e-Commerce site with a shopping cart designed to make selling your products online easy and fast. Add to that the security and encryption embedded in our Web servers and software, and you have a worry-free solution to selling your products online.


Your customers can shop in a secure environment, never having to be concerned about their private information being compromised in any way. We have the e-Commerce package that is just right for your business!


E-Commerce: A New Profit Center for Your Business

There are several good reasons to add e-commerce to your company's sales repertoire:
There are no geographic boundaries: A manufacturer or dealer in Miami can sell to buyers in Mississippi, New York, and London without opening branch offices.
Entry and overhead costs are relatively low: It's cheaper to launch a functional e-commerce site than it is to open a new sales office or retail store-and if you already have an established business, the additional overhead is minimal.
Selling Online: With our shopping cart system, we can help you sell your product online, securely, 24/7.  Sit back and let your site do the sales, so you can concentrate on doing business.
Know Your Customer: We can help you analyze web traffic to see who is visiting, how long they are staying, and who sent them. We also help you recognize online trends so you can target your audience more effectively.

Full Service!

From picking a domain, to setting up your Merchant Account, we will be with you each step of the way to help resolve the technical jargon and avoid the pitfalls of getting started online. We concentrate on giving you a complete package. You can feel confident that you have years of expertise to guide you through.

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